Super Blue Blood Moon

tel: 072 574 29 84

mob: 06 23 95 12 76


T: 072 574 29 84

M: 06 23 95 12 76

The Kolonivan Super Blue Blood Moon is a special edition named after the moon-eclipse on januar the 31th in the USA. This is for the first time since 1866. The Kolonivan in this blood-red color is a study how it will look if you don’t make it white.

Most caravans of different brands are similar. Caravans from the 50s and 60s are really beautiful. It therefore seemed to me a challenge to design a modern caravan, but with the charms of that time. It is therefore a great nod to caravans of that era, but also a modern form, almost space-like. The caravan has references to sailing and motor yachts and aircraft, the other ways to travel during vacation. These elements are brought together in one timeless design.

Paid with attention to functionality, but also paid a lot of attention to an attractive appearance. 'The caravan is designed in such a way that you experience the interior as spacious. The round shapes of the exterior are also reflected in the interior. It has omitted unnecessary boxes, not only as a weight saving, but also a more spacious effect and less work when packing and unpacking. With air travel everything fits in a few suitcases and hand luggage. The simplicity of camping is brought back in this caravan. The view is also important, that is why the caravan has wide panorama windows that make a kind of painting of the surroundings. Whatever fits the simplicity of the design is the canopy. This consists of two hooks on the caravan and only one tent pole.

Super Blue Blood Moon